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In this store you can find all the Rebornbuddy addons made by Saga. For those who purchased Lisbeth on, your product keys are still valid. You can register in this site (with the same email you used before) to see them in your account page. You can also access the files you need to download from each product's page.

Video Guides

  1. How do you use Lisbeth? The basics of how to setup Lisbeth and start making orders for items.


Here you can download the different versions of each product. Make sure you unblock the folders before extracting! The Chinese versions of the products have been merged with the global versions since Stormblood has been released for China. There is an option to change language in the General settings tab.

 Discord Server

Ask me any questions you might have on my Discord server!

Bug Reports & Changelog

You can report any bugs you encounter on my Trello board. You can also see what features are coming next there too. Just use the link below.

Trello Link