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Agil offers a simple and easy to use UI where you can specify the minimum condition for repairing gear. Once that condition is reached, Agil will stop what you're doing and go to a mender or self-repair depending on the option you chose.


  • Repairs with menders when equipment falls below a specified condition.
  • Self-repairs instead of going to menders if enabled.
  • Auto-equips gear based on easily editable stat weights for each job.
  • Can auto-equip based on spiritbond condition.
  • Adds options to auto-accept quests, auto-complete quests, auto-handover quest items, and skip dialog.
  • Compatible with Lisbeth.


When you make the purchase, you'll get a download link to the latest version of Agil and your product key will be sent to your email. Download and extract the folder in the link into your Plugins folder inside Rebornbuddy, so that it looks like: Rebornbuddy/Plugins/Agil

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