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What does Lisbeth do?

Lisbeth is crafting and gathering made simple. You just tell it what items you want and how many of them, and it will get them for you. It offers an easy to use UI where you can search for item names and make orders for them. As long as your character has the necessary crafting and gathering jobs, Lisbeth will automatically calculate all the ingredients required for each one of your orders and then goes out to get them. It crafts components, gathers from normal, unspoiled, and ephemeral nodes, kills mobs, buys from vendors, fishes, trades scripts for items, turns in collectables for scripts, etc. It knows where to find all of these things in the game, and can automatically craft any recipe in the game using a powerful crafting AI.

You can mix timed orders (unspoiled, ephemeral, fishes that require weather patterns) and normal ones together; Lisbeth will pause whatever it is doing when a timed order spawns, goes to get it, and then continues with whatever it was doing previously.

Item orders can be customized and offer many options, like specifying food and tea to use while crafting, making the items as collectables, quick synth, etc. You can also create your own crafting macros (if you don't want to use the default crafting AI), assign home locations, grab items from retainers, and customize its behavior in many other ways.



  • Automatically craft, gather, grind mobs, fish, buy from vendors, exchange scripts, and turn in collectables to obtain items by searching for item names in an easy to use UI.
  • It calculates all the ingredients that you need, and goes out to obtain them before crafting the final items.
  • Order multiple things at the same time. It will optimize and consolidate orders to be as efficient as possible.
  • It uses a dynamic crafting AI to automatically craft any recipe in the game, with any combination of skills or stats that you might have. From level 1 all the way to level 80 3-star recipes.
  • Can fly in all zones without the need for additional plugins.
  • Auto-switching of cross class skills when using the crafting AI or your own macros.
  • Uses smart skill usage while gathering, fishing, etc.
  • Export and import order lists.
  • Can craft items normally, as collectables, or quick synth. It shows you step by step what it plans to do in real time as it crafts.
  • You can assign food, tea, and manuals to use while crafting and/or gathering. It makes sure the assigned consumables are available before crafting.
  • Repairs equipment either by self-repair if possible, or otherwise through menders. It's smart enough to know when it can self-repair or not.
  • Automatically updates itself.
  • Switch between English, German, French, and Chinese on the UI.


When you make the purchase, you’ll get a product key sent to your email. You can also see all your product keys on the Account page here on the site. Once you have your product key, do the following:

  1. Download the Lisbeth folder from here.
  2. Unblock the folder before extracting it by right clicking the compressed folder and going into its properties. You should see the unblock button at the bottom.
  3. Extract the folder into your Rebornbuddy/BotBases folder so that it looks like this: Rebornbuddy/BotBases/Lisbeth
  4. Launch Rebornbuddy.
  5. Select Lisbeth in the botbase dropdown menu on Rebornbuddy. Click the Settings button to go into Lisbeth's UI window.
  6. Copy and paste your product key on the Account tab of the settings window.
  7. Go into the Gearsets tab and click the Auto button. Make sure your character isn't doing anything in-game. Stop the process once all your gearsets are registered.
  8. Go into the Unlocks tab and check all the things that your character is capable of doing.
  9. That's it! You are ready to start making orders.

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